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The G20 Digital Ministers’ Meeting will take place on 5 August in Trieste

Topics on the agenda: digital identity, digital tools for the public sector, and agile regulation

Date 02 august 2021
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On 5 August the Digital Ministers’ Meeting will take place in Trieste within the Italian G20 Presidency. The Minister for technological innovation and digital transition (MITD) Vittorio Colao will chair the session on “Digital Government” while the Minister of the Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti (MiSE) will chair the MITD-MiSE joint session “Enabling Digital Transformation”. The G20 representatives of digital policies of the Member countries and guest countries will participate in the event.

The dialogue among G20 countries started in February 2021 and shared the priorities of the Italian G20 Presidency to ensure an effective international response to the pandemic: People, Planet, and Prosperity.

To this aim, the G20 Digital Economy Task Force (DETF), co-chaired by MITD and MiSE, has adopted a pragmatic approach to nurture mutual learning among Members and guests, while remaining cognisant of the diverse normative approaches and technological solutions adopted. At the end the Ministerial Meeting of Trieste will be issued the Declaration of G20 Digital Ministers.

Topics of the meeting

The 5 August meeting is organised into two streams: “Digital Economy”, chaired by the MiSE and “Digital Government” competency of MITD.

During the work carried on by the Italian Presidency, the Task Force focused primarily on the role of digital identity as a tool that can provide citizens with both a secure identification method and a trustworthy access to digital services. Secure and privacy-compliant digital identity solutions facilitate the continuous and reliable delivery of public services and unlock full participation in society.

In addition, the Italian Presidency has encouraged information sharing among Members by mapping best practices showing how governments can transform themselves and make the most of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and data, to better serve the economy and society.

Finally, the Task Force focused on the role played by agile regulation in supporting growth and innovation globally.

At the end of the Ministerial meeting, the documents elaborated during the debate among G20 countries will be published. They will illustrate experiences and models adopted by Member countries and guest countries, such as a G20 Compendium on the use of digital tools for public service continuity, the G20 Collection of Digital Identity Practices, and the G20 Survey on agile approaches to the regulatory governance of innovation.

The final declaration

On the occasion of the meeting, the Ministers will adopt the Declaration of G20 Digital Ministers - Leveraging Digitalisation for a Resilient, Sustainable and Inclusive Recovery.

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For media professionals

The Document of the Declaration will be available in PDF format on our website at the end of the meeting. To stay updated on the 5 August event, please visit our website, follow our Twitter account as well as the Twitter account of the Italian G20 Presidency, and the hashtag #G20Italy.