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The Italian Cloud Strategy

Guiding the safe, controlled and exhaustive adoption of Cloud technologies for the Public Administration

Date 07 september 2021

The Italian Cloud Strategy aims at providing the strategic direction for the implementation of Cloud solutions in the Public Administration.

The digitalization of the Public Administration is a key priority. This process will provide citizens and businesses with more high-quality, efficient and effective public services, and offer new opportunities for Italy’s digital economy.

Cloud migration allows public administrations to enable digital services and have secure, efficient, and reliable technological infrastructures.The Italian Cloud Strategy is in line with the principles of privacy protection and recommendations of the European and national institutions, while guaranteeing the country’s strategic autonomy, security, and the control over data.

In this perspective, Italy’s strategy is based on three fundamental pillars.

  1. The creation of the National Strategic Hub (NSH), a national infrastructure for the provision of Cloud services, whose management and control are independent from non-EU providers;
  2. A certification process of public Cloud providers and their services to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements of security and reliability, are compliant with the relevant regulations, and preserve the country’s national interests;
  3. The classification of data and services managed by public administrations to allow their migration towards the most appropriate Cloud solution (NSH or qualified public Cloud).

The Italian Cloud Strategy document is available for download in PDF in English (PDF) and Italian (PDF).