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Minister Pisano participated in the first international meeting of GPAI

Macron and Trudeau opened the meeting aimed at promoting a responsible and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence

Date 04 december 2020

Minister for Technological innovation and Digitization Paola Pisano attended today the first international meeting of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), a French-Canadian initiative launched in June 2020, of which Italy is a founding member.

The Gpai is an international collaboration for an ethical and responsible use of Artificial intelligence. It includes: Canada, Australia, France, the European Union, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia, England, United States. Other countries have also demonstrated their interest in participating and they will be admitted during next year.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened the meeting. French President Macron thanked Italy and Japan for their work inside the Steering Committee. Italy launched in July its National AI Strategy based on human dignity and privacy protection. Together with the Pontìfical Academy for Life, Microsoft, Ibm and the Food Agricultural Organization (Fao), the Italian Government signed the “Call for an AI Ethics”, a document aimed at promoting Artificial Intelligence with an ethical approach, in respect of the democratic values and human rights.

Today’s virtual meeting brought together internationally renowned experts from industry, government, civil society and academia. Ministers of participating countries provided their first operational guidelines to the working groups with the aim of defining the guiding principles, so that artificial intelligence is concretely used to improve citizens’ lives and promote economic progress.

Minister Pisano underlined the importance of data sharing among countries, especially on matters such as health or logistics.

“In emergency situations such as the one we are now experiencing, data sharing can be a concrete help to define useful solutions in complex matters like health. The upcoming Italian Presidency of the G20 will provide a unique opportunity to mainstream GPAI visions and projects in the global discussion. We hope for the definition of specific AI solutions to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the public sector and ensure sustainable development for our countries” Minister Pisano said.