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IMMUNI APP available for downloading on the APPLE and GOOGLE stores

The app, developed in full compliance with privacy protection, can be downloaded in the whole country. All information available on immuni.italia.it

Date 01 june 2020
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As of today, the Immuni App is available for free download throughout the Italian territory, in the Apple and Google stores. The innovative digital tool complements all other measures that the Government has implemented to contrast, track down and limit the transmission of Covid-19. It has been developed in compliance with Italian and European legislation on privacy protection.

If you download the app now, it will allow you to back-track positive contacts to whom you may have been exposed before.

Regional health services will gradually activate the notification system, starting Monday, June 8 with the Regions Abruzzo, Liguria, Marche and Puglia.

All relevant information on the app is available on the immuni.italia.it website. Please note the application is not available for download via email or SMS.

The app enables mobile phone users to be notified of any potential exposure to Coronavirus. The Immuni App system has been built to be privacy preserving. Only arbitrary identifiers generated by the app are used; no names or any other identifying element can be employed to trace the identity of the persons who have been tested positive or of those who come into contact with them. Citizens can download Immuni for free and enroll on a voluntary basis, as a tool to promote a safer environment during the recovery phase.

The project stems from the collaboration between the Prime Minister’s Office, Minister of Health, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation, Regions, Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, Sogei and PagoPa. Bending Spoons, a private company, made available for free the app source code. The system has been developed with utmost respect and attention to privacy, in close cooperation with Italian Data Protection Authority.

By downloading the application on their mobile phones, users can protect themselves and others with whom they may come into close contact. If the users have come into contact with someone who may have been tested positive, they will be notified by the app. In this case, they could then contact their general practitioner to receive instructions on what to do next.

When Local Health Services assess a new positive case, with the individual’s consent, the health workers will enter a code in the system. At this point, the app notifies users about the positive person with whom they may have come in contact and provides specific instructions.

We can defeat the pandemic with practices like washing hands often, social distancing and wearing masks. In addition, today, there is the Immuni App: a digital help to keep the Covid-19 away from us and the people we love.