14 Giugno 2020
Speech by the Minister for Innovation and Technological Digitization, Paola Pisano, to the States General, 13 June 2020
Paola Pisano agli Stati Generali, 13 giugno 2020

Speech by the Minister for Innovation and Technological Digitization, Paola Pisano, to the States General, 13 June 2020

I believe that we are facing a change of gear in the European Union; we must live up to this change. The crisis caused by Covid-19 was first and foremost a serious pandemic that brought death and pain. Many Italians deserve our solidarity. However, this tragic event is a call to responsibility for all of us Italians.

We should not give in to institutional inertia in defense of a past balance which is challenged by the present tragedy. We are responsible for taking on the burden and honor of encouraging a change to make Italy more innovative and more responsive to international challenges. ù

“Europe has awakened,” said European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen today. “In just a few weeks, the Union has produced a change of historic significance,” observed the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. The “Concluding Remarks for 2019” of the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco on the need to exploit the opportunities offered by digital technology were particularly inspiring.

I truly appreciate these and other statements I heard here, and I can only ask myself: have the citizens, the public opinion, and the silent majority perceived the extent of this change that impels the European Union to help us, and impels us to carry out to carry out a rapid and necessary transition to recover the pace of economic growth?

All of us, the entire government majority and the opposition, are compelled not to miss this moment to relieve companies from the burden of too many procedures and bureaucratic obligations. It is not just a matter of introducing digital forms. This is not enough.

Instead, we should transform certain regulations and procedures digitally by default; we should retrain and transform the future Public Administration management; we should complement processes with data analytics so as to understand and manage complex phenomena, verify the effectiveness of the adopted solutions, and convey our energies and initiatives where they are needed the most. We do not wish to underestimate the value of the human factor. On the contrary, the human factor is crucial, as it is training.

We must free companies and citizens from too many hours spent in carrying out tortuous and outdated procedures, unfit for these times. We must free up time and energy of the Italian companies so that they have more time and more energy to pursue inventive ideas and innovation for the common and good use.

We will be judged on this. We, the Government, but also the whole country and its valuable workforce, for which it is essential that we remove the obstacles for a fruitful engagement. We must move forward, not backward.

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