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Italy 2025

The strategy for innovation and digital transformation of the country

We are developing the Italy 2025 innovation strategy. This page outlines the actions we have started working on and their progress.

"Italy 2025" is based on three main challenges, identified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The three challenges are:

  • A digital society, where services put citizens and businesses at the centre, as well as being efficient, easy to use and to integrate. A goal to make digitalization an engine of development for the whole country and rethink the relationship between the State and people.
  • An innovation goal that focuses on applied research and development, encourages the proliferation of ideas, which become Italian hi-tech companies and support the traditional production chains of our country.
  • A sustainable and inclusive development, where innovation is at the service of people, communities, and territories, respecting environmental sustainability.

Within the strategy these three challenges have been broken down into twenty actions of innovation and digitalization on which, as the Department for Digital Transformation linked to the Minister for Technological Innovation and digital transition, we are working together with other Ministries, central and local governments, public bodies, agencies, private companies, and ordinary citizens. A process that involves the entire ecosystem, for a radical, structural transformation of our country.

To accomplish these challenges, we address the following:

  • Coordination of the various public *stakeholders* in the management of existing and future digital and innovative programs in an integrated manner, with an agile methodology and open-data approach.
  • Identification and initiation of new digital and technology transformation initiatives.
  • Becoming an authoritative centre of digital expertise and innovation for public stakeholders, in order to share guidelines, directives and opinions.
  • Creation of an international community of developers and designers who contribute to the development of digital services, identifying and solving technological problems, providing information and instruction on innovation principles, and creating shared tools and services.
  • Laying the foundations for an evolving architecture that can "scale" over time and stay abreast of technological trends as they emerge.
Updated on 19 february 2021